Slurry Pump for River Alluvial Gold Mining

Except gold wash plant, we also provide slurry pump for river alluvial gold mining. The following is Slurry Pump Model Selection

Slurry Pump Model Selection

1. Working Parameters:

Pump Head: 20m

The concentration of slurry: 30%-50%

Particle size: <5mm (river gravels)

Temperture: ambient 30 deg C

Volume – 300m3/h

2. Selection Calculate:

A) Select ES series based on particle type. ES type is used for suck sand/gravel from river.

B) Confirm the model is ES-6E, based on Flow, Head from Model Atlas. Outlet is 150mm. Check ES-6E curve, the rotation speed is 1000rpm at work condition point. Effective is 65%.

C) Calculate:

C-1) Shaft Power Calculating:


Slurry specific gravity =1.2

Satisfied the max power requirement of Shaft assembly.

C-2) Based on above power and rotation speed, Y280M-55KW motor is selected.


3. Price:

A) Slurry Pump ES-6E: 51082 USD.

Motor: 2900USD

Slurry Pump Material is high-chromium alloy. Driven type is DCZ.

B) This price is FOB Qingdao Port price.

C) Motor Brand: Shandong Huali Motor

D) Delivery time 15 days

E) Payment: 30% deposit and 70% balance payment is received before shipping.

4. Horizontal Type Pump Picture:

Slurry Pump

5. ES model slurry pump’s Clean Water Performance Curve

MouthSize FrameType ProductModel Max Power MaxParticle Impeller Water Room Curve No.
blade type material OD material ES-6-3
6 inch E ES 120KW 127mm 3 closed metal 403/391 metal Version 2
Outlet 6inch Shaft seal type packing seal, Expeller seals and mechanical seal
Intake 8inch

Slurry Pump Curve

Big Gold Dry Washer works at Sudan Desert.


Gold Dry Washer in Sudan Desert

  1. CIF Sudan Port, Sudan
  2. Total goods capacity: Estimated 1X 40’ GP
  3. Delivery time: 30 days after receipt of deposit.

4. Main technical specification &Accessories and Spare parts

Introduce: 20 tph capacity gold dry wash plant is an simple and easy plant. Feed raw material into hopper by loader. The grizzly upon shaking table is an simple vibrating screen. Bigger than 20mm material will discharge as tailing. Fine sand will go into air shaking table.

This is a whole station gold dry mining system.


All steel surfaces are prepared to receive anti-rusting paint and hydroxyacid face paint. Pursuant to relevant code or fitting buyer’s requirements.

6. Pre-shipment trial

A pre-shipment trial of diesel engines, generator, electric system etc of the gold machine will be adjust and test by shipyard.

7. Payment term is :T/T

1) T/T 40% of total price as deposit should be paid to Part A before producing.

2) T/T 60% of total price should be paid to Part A ,when the machine is finished and ready for shipment.


1The Part A need to deliver the goods and spare parts with manuals written in English.

2)The Part A will provide 12-months warranty for the quality of the motor, storage battery, but not responsible for rust. The manufacturer’s warranty shall only be against manufacturing defects, and does not cover normal fair, wear and tear, accidental, malicious damage, careless or wrongful operation of the machine or any equipment in the machine.

3) Notice of defects. the Part B should notify the Part A in writing or by fax or email as soon as possible after discovery of any conditions, and a claim of defect is made under the warranty.

Such notice shall include full particulars as to nature of the claimed defect with photos of the defect. The Part A shall have no obligation under the warranty with respect to defect discovered after the expiration of the warranty unless the Part B can verify that the defects were discovered after the expiration of the warranty but occurred prior to the expiration of the warranty period, and such evidence shall be provided with the Part A not later than 30 calendar days after the expiration of the warranty period.

4) If Part B wants to ask other company or person except Part A to repair the machine during the warranty period, Part B shall have the approval from Part A first and send the cost of repairs to Part A by e-mail soonest.

5) Above warranty duties except the defects caused by the Part B’s crews misconduct or improper operation. In the case of the Part B’s crew failures, all charges of the repairing and the replacement of parts will be paid by the Part B.

6) On receiving written notification of a warranty claim, The Part A shall assist and support Part B’s staff to rectify the problem, within warranty time, and where spare partsnot quick-wear parts) are required, such spare parts shall be delivered to the Part B expeditiously, Part B should take in charge of the transportation charge. 


1) The Part A will send one qualified experienced engineer and one translator to Sudan to conduct installation and train 3 workers to operate the machine, and Part B shall arrange at least 5-6 workers to help the engineer. The installation period is expected 10 days, if can’t finish, should be postponed, US dollar. The Part B will be responsible for the Part A’s engineer and translator’s accommodations, eat, visa, flight ticket of going back and forth and security as well as wage of USD83 per day per personit should be paid in advance before shipment along with the last machine payment, retreat more fill less.

PartB should pay for Round trip air ticket, Salary and visa (2 people) for installation for about 10days (USD1940) , if the installation is delayed, pay extra $83 for one man per day.

Travel arrangement for Part A’s engineer shall be finalized after the machine is shipped on board in order that the engineer can arrive in Sudan earlier or on the same day with the carrier arrived at Sudan. The engineer should get to installing site within one week after the machine arrive Sudan.

The Part B should provide cranes or other necessary equipments such as: one set crane more than 25T crane one set, one bottle oxygen, one bottles acetylene, electro welding equipment ,welding rob ,iron wire, manual tools(spanner ,hammer etc) and so on to install the machine and follow the engineer’s proper arrangement, otherwise all consequential loss and damages to Part B shall rely on Part B themselves.

2) The Part A should provide the spare parts to the Part B in time when any time Part B need it, and the cost paid by the Part B


All disputes in connection with this Contract or the execution thereof shall be amicably settled through negotiation. In case no settlement can be reached between the two parties, the case under dispute shall be submitted to the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission. The arbitration shall take place in Beijing, China and shall be executed in accordance with the Rules of the said Commission and the decision made by the Arbitration Commission shall be accepted as final and binding upon both parties. The fees for arbitration shall be borne by the losing party unless otherwise awarded.


The Part A shall not be responsible for late delivery of the goods owing to generally recognized “force majeure” causes(including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster, war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities ,regardless of whether war is declared, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation, terrorist activities, nationalization, government sanction, blockage, embargo, labor dispute, strike, lockout or interruption or failure of electricity service.). However, in such a case, the Part A shall immediately cable or fax the Part B of the event and airmail to the Part B within 15 days after the event a certificate of the event issued by the competent government authorities or the chamber of commerce that is located at the place where the event occurs as evidence thereof.



YLTJ Gold Trommel Wash Plant


What’s the  price for small gold extraction machine for sale?


Hi, Dear Sir,

Thanks for your inquiry. I’m Leo Soong.

We produce many kinds of gold mining machine. The small gold trommel wash plant is one of them.​ The small trommel you inquiry is 5-10 tons per hour. Please see the vedio, so you can know more about it. (it’s not finished yet​​ )

The price is $4000. ​ In market, many small USA personal company also produce this type small trommel. But their capacity is very small. We produce big machine.

May I know more information about your gold mine site? Because the gold type is different, the machine is also different. We should be more​ cautious before your gold mining investment.

Best regards

Leo Soong


How to improve Alluvial Gold recovery rate?

Gravity mining method is the core of alluvial gold mining. Gravity mining machine is also the core of alluvial gold mining. In alluvial gold washing & separating, all kind of gravity machine can be used, e.g. sluice, concentrator, shaker table. They are the most common machine.

Alluvail gold has a very low gold content. Usually 1-20 g gold in one ton sand. So good profit need big capacity/throughput machine. For throughput, sluice is the bigest, concentrator & jig is middle, shaker table is smallest.

Click here to see the feature of sluice, concentrator, jigs.

If the recovery rate is unusual low, investor can’t got a good profit even if the gold content is high. So gold recovery rate is a very important indicators in beneficiation.

To improve alluvial gold reocery rate, we need to use correct machine .

For coarse gold (nugget), use sluice for roughing and shaker table for concentrating. If the gold recovery effect is not ideal want to imporve gold recoveryrate, you can use jig for scavenging.

For fine gold, use concentrator for roughing and shaker table for concentrating. Concentrator recovery rate is up to 98%. So there is no need for scavenging.

alluvial gold dry washing machine

Alluvial Gold Dry Washing Machine for Sudan Desert

This week, a Sudan client visit our factory. This is the third Sudan clients in last two month. These year, Sudan alluvial gold mining market is bigger and bigger. Our clients is very interesting in our placer gold dry washing (dry concentrating) machine. This machine has been used in China Xinjiang Province. Based on feed back, the effect is wonderful.

1. Gold dry washing principle

Using air as the medium of gravity mining method.

Feed raw materil to slant porous surface. Use intermittent or continuous up-flow air, to make material suspension and loose. The ore grain will divided into several layers, accordingly density. Based on air supply methods and equipment motion type, air dry mining machine can be divided into several types: Dry Jig, Dry shaking-table and Dry sluice, etc..

Dry washing plant need no water. When the raw material moisture content reached 4% ~ 5% ( wet materail), the material will cohere. Then separation efficiency and equipment capacity will decrease sharply.

Dry washing plant is used for gold or rare metals mine in severe cold area, desert or drought areas.

 2.  Gold Dry Washing Plant

alluvial gold dry washing machine


HAFX-100 Model
It has hopper with grizzly, conveyor, trommel, and air sluice. The raw materail will be load upon hopper by loader or excavator, then conveyor take material to trommel, and then air  sluice.
A. Big Dry Washing Plant Main Parameter:
1. Capacity: 100-150 ton/hour
2. Hopper Size: 3.6 meter width
3. Conveyor: 9 meter long
4. Trommel:
5.  Air shaking table:
6. Overall length 12 meter
7. Overall weight 15-18 ton, easy to move.
This machine can be mobile.
B.  Equipment Matching
1. Excavator: 1 Set
2. Wheel Loader: 1-2 Set
3. Generator 75KW or 100 KW, 1 Set, Oil consumption 20 KG per hour
4. Manual work: 1 people for excavator, 1-2 people for wheel loader, 2 people for Dry Washing Plant.
C. We will equip shaking sieve for gravel, and  magnetic separator for iron sand.
D. The average recovery rate is about 90%. Enrichment ratio is about 1000:1. And the machine is a kind of automatic machine.


1.  The machines are only for dry material. The dry material’s water content should be lower than 5%.

2. The gold diameter should be bigger than 0.75mm, less than 3mm.

3. Every 4-6 hours, you need to collect gold once. Please see the picture. When air sluice works, the gold sand subside in the sluice. When you collect gold, the B will be lift by motor, so the gold sand will flow backward.

4. The collect gold still need other treatment. You need to take them to water source. Use shaking table for enrichment. Then use gold furnace.

3. Service

Our engineer will go to Sudan (or any other country) to set up machine, and teach how to control it to mining.

Batch ball mill

Small batch ball mill for gold iron concentrate sand

Small ball mill

We have a client, who has a black sand field. It has gold and iron.  The gold is very fine, it’s powder. So after sieving, clients use knelson type concentrator to recover gold heavy concentrate.

But gold and iron are together in heavy concentrate. So it should use magnetic separator to separate gold and iron. But while testing their alluvial ore, they have noticed that some gold is stuck to magnetite particles. They therefor plan to mill the concentrate slightly prior to magnetic separation and thereby free up the gold and avoid it being lost in the magnetic separator.

So we suggest this one:

1000L Small Batch Type Ball Mill
Equipment’s main material is Q235B carbon steel. Capacity is 1 Cubic Meter (1000L). 16mm thickness. Barrel diamter 950mm, length 1500mm.
The bearing is UCP Model core-adjustable bearing.
Main Motor is 22KW 500Type gear reducer. 440V 3 phase. Moter Brand is Yantai Huafeng, Copper movement.
Barrel is 35 rpm. Connection type is rubber board. Feed port for fast charging door open. Discharge port has a sieve plate. 1 year warranty.

About ball, generally there is 2 model ball. One is Cast iron steel ball, easy to broken, but low price. The other is ball bearing steel, High hardness. Ball bearing steel is recommend, as iron gold concentrate is very hard. Ball quantity: 50% volume (1-2 ton)

Batch ball mill